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Santa Rosa active adult retirement community in Northern California.

Visit the link for details.

Laguna Woods is a large retirement resort-living community for active adults in Orange County close to the Pacific Ocean.

...Westminster Gardens, Christian retirement community, Duarte. What Would Jesus Do.....of America, USA....CALIFORNIA PAGES.. California Search Engine .. California Non.....California ...


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...you in locating retirement communities in Southern California. We have made it easy, just click on their icon. If you cannot locate a community...

...Valley, the full-service rental retirement community occupies a five-acre block in a.....A non-profit, inter-faith community, NBA California Christian Home is best known for.....in the ...

Near the Tri-City Hospital, Oceanside, California offering a variety of services and amenities.

...SCPH serve the many needs of older adults, including: Continuing Care, Residential Care, Assisted..

...Cal City Chamber of Commerce serves the business community of the City of California City, we are..

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